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French Gourmet Food 

Proudly Sourced From France

Surprising and ... delighting! 


A Taste of Paris is a company driven by the Love of Gourmet Food. We are dedicated to introducing and connecting French Artisan Producers with Australian and New Zealander Consumers.

We import from France some of the finest French Gourmet Food. Our selection is produced by French Artisans with amazing artistry! We are all proud and excited to be a part of this. 

Discover our New Collection 2020/21 in Video

Our Gourmet Collection at a Glance!

5) The Gold Collection
The Organic Canistrelli
Olive Oils green background
Love Elixir Olive Oil
Coffee Time Patiences
Gold Almonds Chocolates
Olive Oils with Truffle Juice
Gourmet Salts
Mister Ginger & Caramel and Miss Berry
Gift Boxes Collection
Grand Croquets
Organic French Salad Dressings
The Little French Traveller Shortbreads
Organic Mustards Collection
Gold Chocolate Collection
Patiences Biscuits
The Shortbreads Collection
So Sweet So French Collection