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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”



-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The "Gold " Mustard 

The "Gold " Collection 

Gold Mustard & Truffle flavour  130g

The "Gold "Sugar Refill 

Gold Sugar Refill 500g

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Gold Sugar  240g

"Gold" Red Onions Confit 100g

"Gold" Chutney Morello Cherry & Champagne  100g

"Gold" Chutney

Fig & Armagnac 100g

 A Taste of the Unexpected

Be Impressed with Our New Exclusivity

We have proudly selected for you these two exclusive products!

The Love Elixir - A beautiful Wild Strawberry French Syrup in a Heart Bottle Sealed with Gold Wax.

Amazing with Champagne, Cocktail, Pancakes, Waffles, Ice Cream, Yogurt! 

The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in an Unique "Chanel" Style Bottle.

Dip your Fresh Bread, Drizzle on your Salads, cook your Best Dishes with this Subtle Olive Oil.

Awaken your senses with the Peloponnese Olive Oil

A Taste of Paris selected this amazing oil as we are always looking for Exceptional Quality Products.

The Peloponnese Oil is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Peloponnese (Greece) - The Oil comes from Monovarietal Olives, has not been blended or filtered and has a beautiful taste of Freshly Cutten Grass. Intense and Fruity!


The Peloponnese Oil is described in France as “The Olive Oil of the Chefs”.

The Peloponnese Olive Oil - 700ml

Discover our Elegant Gift Sets "A Taste of Paris"

Gorgeous to behold with a delicious Taste of the Unexpected!

- The "Gold" Gift Set : Pink Himalayan Salt coated with "Gold" 110g, Black Hawaiian & Pink Himalayan "Gold" Salts 110g, White Pepper coated with "Gold" 55g.

- The Truffle Gift Set : a Mignonette of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle Flavour 100ml, Organic Black Pepper and Black Truffle Mustard 100g, Organic White Pepper and White Truffle Mustard 100g and a Black Truffle Sea Salt 110g.

- "La Provence" Gift Set: a Mignonette of Cider Vinegar (with Herbs from Provence, Bay Leaves, Black Olives, Vegetables) 100ml. Organic Chili from Espelette Mustard 100g, Organic Rosemary & Olives Mustard 100g and a Lemon&Thyme Sea Salt 110g.

The Organic Set :

-  Organic Olive Oil & Lemon Essential Oil 100ml

- Organic Hummus Spread with Lemon Juice, Coriander & Chia Seeds 100g

-  Curry & Turmeric Organic Mustard 100g

-  Organic Lemon Sea Salt 100g

The Organic Set

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