The French 'Black Diamond'


All our tasty truffles products are mostly made with the Tuber Melanosporum sourced from the Perigord region in the South of France. The French ‘black diamond’ is the most delicate and noble mushroom. It is mostly dried before being used because it is during this process that the flavour intensifies. This emblematic French ingredient is central in the A Taste of Paris range. Associated with black or white pepper in our mustards, they will bring your BBQs to the next level!

Did you know?

Truffles are hidden in the ground which makes it almost impossible for humans to detect and find them. This is why truffle producers train so called truffle dogs to help them find the Black Diamond. These dogs can find truffles hidden deep underneath the surface, sometimes more than 1 meter deep! Without them, we wouldn't be able to enjoy our tasty truffles!