About Us

A Taste of Paris is a brand of high-quality French gourmet products. We are dedicated to give access to a selection of the most delicate food products to our customers at an affordable price.

All our recipes have been developed with French artisans with a close attention to taste and appearance. Each product in our range is the result of a long development process in collaboration with experts to bring to you the finest and classiest of what France can offer.

Our mission is to share our French food heritage with as many people as possible. We believe that anyone, wherever they are, should be able to enjoy the best of French food at any time. We want to make fine food accessible to all.

Authenticity, humility and the love for good food are at the core of our values. Our products are the perfect reflection of these values: a selection of iconic recipes as well as unexpected flavours with a modern contemporary design.

We focus on sourcing natural and organic products as much as possible. Each ingredient has been selected carefully based on its origin and quality.

We are proud to work with local French artisans from several iconic regions who share their unique knowledge from generation to generation and have been providing the same authentic and delicious products for decades!

We are all proud and excited to be a part of this!